Romans Fine Arts offers a variety of glass serving dishes and decorative items in a wide range of colors and sizes. The colors are fired on the glass in many layers so they will stay bright and will not fade with age.  They are safe for food and china settings dishwasher proof. 

The Hand Painted Art Glass Collection has a unique style. The collection consists of bowls, platters, trays, glasses, vases,etc. which could come in many Designs: Voyage, Abstract, Figure, Peace, (Life, Imagine, Surreal, Cranberry, Harmony, Nest, Landscape, Freedom, Purity and Unity Designs are also available by special orders). Each design is represented by 10 items to cover a wide range of tastes and functions.

Each item of the collection is an exquisite work of art as well as being a practical item. Each piece carries the artist’s signature and stands as a gift of excellence and sophistication.

The glass is hand painted by artist Mella Roman.  Her interest in painting started at a very early age, when her teachers noticed her talent and encouraged her to follow the artistic path.  Following her heart and her teachers’ advice, she dedicated herself to studying fine arts since she was 10 years of age.  

In 1988 she received her BFA, major in Painting, from the Fine Arts Academy in Bucharest.

She started the Hand Painted Glass Collection in 1997 and she has successfully grown her business to the point where she supplies galleries and high end gift stores all over North America. The glass used by the artist is hand blown glass and is one of the finest quality.