Moments 2020 Series

Mella Roman's Artist Statement for “Moments of 2020” :

Life is made up of a series of memorable moments that creates our stories.  These moments define our lives. Looking and exploring the surrounding elements of nature, landscapes, I found these unique sparks that define our daily experiences and I wanted to find a way to capture these passing moments and make them last longer, making them eternal. I find that using the reverse painting on glass technique captured their spirit and their light well. The unique under glass effect retains a curious depth of the colours, and the link between the nature we see and the nature we feel gets established .
These artworks consist of overlapping two or three layers of plexiglass that each are painted in reverse and framed in a way to be able to switch their order of display. This novel technique gives the artwork a different look and ever changing look. 


Playing with the juxtaposition of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, I invite the viewer to engage in the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience. In my own nostalgic way, and based on these passing life fragments, I try to bring awareness to the beauty of these ephemeral moments and to emphasis that we only live in the present. Each viewer will hopefully come away with their own memories that are sparked by my series of “ Moments of 2020”. 

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